Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why hello all.  So just another day in paradise at work.  Our regional is coming to visit tomorrow, so it was a mad house to try and get everything cleaned up.  Not to mention our VP of the company is visiting on Tuesday.  So yes. clean! clean! clean!

I'm slowly realizing i am running out of projects to post... what will i do?! well i must find time to create more, i suppose.  but time is what i need to find first.  if you guys find it, let me know.  i'd greatly appreciate it! :)

WARNING:  may contain nude drawings.

Since i minored in studio art, i had to take a nude drawing class.  i have quite a bit of drawings from this class that i am going to split them up for the next few blogs.  SO, if you're not the type to like naked people.  then i would suggest not continuing with the next few blogs.

Above:  Vine charcoal on drawing paper.  Okay, so they're not naked, in fact... they're FULLY clothed.  and in fact, they are eric's former room mates.  hehe. we were practicing the shapes of shadows, only catch is....  no grays. almost similar to a negative, but the opposite.  my favorite part of this piece is the couch on the right hand side.  

Above:  Vine charcoal on newsprint.  so this was pretty difficult to draw the back.  it may not look like it, but it really was.  to get the correct shading to form the softness of the back was extremely hard.  this could have been improved,  but this was just an exercise.

Above:  outdoor latex paint on a wooden cornhole board.  my former room mate works for the American Dairy Association.  she grew up on a dairy farm, so it was only natural to end up in the dairy industry.  her job was throwing a company outing and they had requested i paint a couple cornhole boards.  This was my first paid project and i felt proud.  :)

Above:  graphite on sketchbook paper.  I drew this for a christmas gift idea.  these are my mom's parents.  I miss them so much!

<3 <3 <3

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