Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Blog everrrrr

Hello all,

So, I'm trying out this blog thing.  Just to get a feel for what a lot of people are talking about.  So... I kind of want a way to document all of my art work in case my computer decides to crap out on me or in case a natural disaster occurs since mother nature seems to be going through menopause.

Let's start with what I have done when I was a young girl.  I was a HUGE fan of Sailormoon, a Japanese Anime Series.  The pictures below are just a pinch of the drawings I had done throughout my childhood, all the way through high school.  I guess you could say I was not in the popular crowd and did not go through normal high school phases. I was a child at heart.

 Please note:  My very first few pictures look NOWHERE near what the above ones look like... they were crap.  :)

Anyway, I suppose I can end on this note.... let's see how long I keep up with this blog thing.  Byeeeeee!


  1. Hey Tiffany! This is sooo cool!!! I wish I could draw like that! I stumbled on your blog from your last comments. I hope you keep adding more posts showing your work ... I'd love to see more! I'll be checking regularly :)

  2. ooo i hope i'm good at posting regularly..... hehe :)