Tuesday, September 27, 2011

people are crazy!!!!

I have never encountered so many difficult and insane people before me getting this job.  It's been 2 years now that I've been here, and it still, somehow, surprises me.

Anyway.  Here are some projects to look at :)

Above:  Multi Media on paper.  I went through a phase of loving tattoo art.  Got some information from Miami Ink.  That phase was short lived. haha.

Above:  Graphite on paper.  The preliminary from the previous piece.

Above:  Graphite on notebook paper.

Above:  Acrylic on bristol paper.  I forget what the assignment was.  But this is pandora's box.

Above:  Wood sculpture with wire.  I expanded my horizons with 3D sculpture.  This was my first class in sculpture.  We predominantly used wire.  But this assignment required to use wood.  The wooden piece was "supposed" to be a heart and the grassy things coming out of it were supposed to be the veins and aorta.  However, in my eyes they resemble conjoined carrots.  haha.  

just 11 days till my vacation =D

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