Friday, January 4, 2013

in the year 2000.... and 13.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! :)

well, it's been one crazy busy end of the year... seriously.  eric and i have had some sort of even almost ALL of the weekends... and the week of my birthday, my boss told me that they were moving me to full-time for the next 3 months.  i'm going to work my magic and MAKE them keep me permanently.  but we'll see. i'm just glad i got to have a tiny bit of extra money right before the holidays. :)

so, the whole month of december, i was SWAMPED with christmas cards. last year i made around 32? well, let's double that and that's how many i made this year... 60+ cards. all different too.  i use a lot of stickers (they're simple and quick to do).  i hope to one day start making my own. but for now, they're convenient.  i won't post all of the cards today... but maybe 10 per post till i have posted all of them. we'll see. :)  so here's the first batch. ENJOY! <3


this year's cards are SUCH an improvement from last year's. so excited! :)
while also making cards.  i have been HUGE on making a lot of DIY projects.  i made my own Christmas wreath.  i bought everything separate from Target (i'm sure i could have found even more cheaper items elsewhere... but i was already at Target and decided i didn't like the pre-made ones. )  so when i got home, i put them all together.  i ended up with extra pine cones, mini ornaments, and ribbon. and buying all the items separate was $2-$4 more than the already made ones.  so in my eyes that was well worth the few extra bucks.  and not to mention, i was extremely pleased with my outcome...


hope everyone enjoyed their New Years. :)