Sunday, February 19, 2012

end to my week.

went and visited my bff jenn today.  they moved to a house that is about $20 more for what they were paying for their apartment.  the plus side? 2.5 acres of land and 100x's the amount of room.  it's a nice little starter home.  they're leasing it right now.  i'm so happy for them! :)

here are a couple of cards that i made while i stayed home sick this weekend.


my favorite is the st. patty's day card.  what do you think?


Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Shmebruary

Another month half way gone.  seriously, i don't think time has its own sense of time. lol!

feeling under the weather this weekend. and cousin emily sent me the best package! Thank you emily bui jei! :)

well, here's a couple of other cards that i have yet to post on here:


Above (left):  a blank card.  mmmm i love coffee <3
Above (center):  a wedding card i made for our friends' wedding.  i unfortunately could not go due to work.  :(
Above (right):  a friendship card.

as you see, i started to add my own drawings to the design.  :)
Hope you enjoyed them! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

January is over already!?

HOLY POTATOES! where does this time go?

well, been working non-stop and i think i see a brief breath of fresh air ahead! :)

my coworkers and i have been putting in about 170+ hours in for the 2 week pay period. hooray for being on salary.... :(

anywho. i found time to make a couple cards :)