Thursday, November 15, 2012

i cannot believe the year is almost over....

this has been one exciting and crazy year. i know i say this a lot, but where has the time gone?!?!?!

i can't believe next week is thanksgiving and well, let's just say the last 2 weeks of this month is very important to me. in 4 days it'll be my cousin natalie's birfday, in 5 days, it'll be 5 years since i started dating eric, in 7 days, it'll be thanksgiving (my FAVORITE holiday), in 9 days will be the Welter Christmas party (for those who don't know it's pretty much a family reunion/thanksgiving/christmas all rolled in one on eric's mom's side of the family), and in 15 days it'll be my/aunt stella's/my friend sarah's birfdays. :) so yes, lots of things happen at the end of the month.

i started my christmas card making last week. i am definitely liking what i've made so far.  it's a major improvement (in my eyes) from last year's cards.  but that's also considering that last year was my first set of cards ever.

i have A LOT more cards to make this year.  last year was around 30, this year doubled. so now i have 60+ to make. and i'm going to begin making my christmas gifts here soon.  because i'm on a tighter budget, everyone's going to be getting the same things from me.  but they are craft-made, so i hope everyone enjoys them.

well, that's all for now. unfortunately i won't be posting any pictures of the christmas cards till after christmas. i don't want anyone knowing what they might be getting. but i'll post some of the other cards i've made for other occassions, next post.

ta ta for now. :)