Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a new life...

sooooooo, good evening! :)

it's been a little over a month since my last post.  eric and i are nicely settled in, mostly.

i haven't wanted to kill him yet. so that must be good right? :)

ginger just moved down on sunday.  she was a NERVOUS wreck monday, when we both had to work.  i came home to some broken blinds and scratch marks on the door.  let's just say, she is going through major separation anxiety.  it's wednesday and she seems a little better. she's still panting quite a bit even when she's just laying, sleeping.  she's still got a lot of anxiety in her.  i bought some rawhide bones and a hard bone with filling inside.  hopefully those can help.  who knows. we'll see.

on another note, work has been really busy.  my boss wasn't kidding when she said, no matter how hard i try, i will never catch up.  you'd think credentialing would be easy peasy lemon squeezy.  well actually, for the most part it is.  at least what i've done so far.  i'm sure there will be more difficult tasks in the future for me. but the filling out of applications is what takes the longest. one single application can take up to 2 days to fill out! and some applications are like 20 pgs. long!  other than the i-never-feel-caught-up feeling, work is great! i love the ladies i work with.  they are all so genuinely nice and willing to help!  they are also fun to talk to!

eric and i finally started getting our weekends back.  no more weddings, as far as we know, until next year.  we haven't done much else.

here are some pics of the place, for those who haven't seen yet.


Above Left: is the kitchen. i love the size of our window. natural lighting is THE BEST!
Above Right: the day we moved everything else down. all my boxes taking up the living room.


Above Left:  BIPPITY BOPPITY BOO! all the boxes are gone!  evertyhing put away.
Above Right: the "dining room" note the kitty roaming around. 

so in the midst of all this...  i manage to make ONE card for eric's grandfather's 83rd birthday :)

I looooooove the gold vellum... but it's most difficult to use with rubber cement glue. the paper is a little too transparent for it. i'll need to figure out how to glue the paper with out the glue showing... hmmm.....

but anywho... more cards will be made, once we i feel 100% settled. it still feels weird not being in the cleveland area anymore. i miss my friends.