Wednesday, July 11, 2012

no pics today, but just an update.....

HELLO HELLO HELLO WORLD! i am back from the deep abyss of moving.  we haven't had internet until today. so, sorry for not being able to update you guys on things.

First off, i'd like to thank all the aunties for everything they have done. i know you guys haven't had any hand in the moving process exactly, but i'd like to thank you for keeping mom company.

So, this past monday, i had my first day of orientation at The Christ Hospital. it was quite boring.  there was a lot of stuff that i felt like will be more appropriate for the on-boarding employees who will have direct contact with patients.  but what do i know, i suppose it's all beneficial in the end if everyone knew what to do in case of a chemical spill, etc.  now, i'm not exactly working inside the hospital's main campus.  i will be at an off-site location just a mile down the road.  the department i will be working in is the credentialing department. the second day was a little more interesting.  i especially loved the Compliance speaker.  he was hilarious and from Boston, i noticed from his heavy accent.  then today was absolutely annoying. we had to do our STAT testing.  we had to read powerpoint slides for 10-12 different subjects and then answer test questions.  if we passed, then well, we passed and got to move on.  if you did not pass, then you had to keep retaking it until you do pass.  then after that, i went to the office building i'll be at and met all the lovely ladies i'll be working with.  there, i will be updating doctor's credentials and enrolling new on-boarding physicians and whatnot.  so it's all a completely new environment for me.  i'm really excited though.  i just found out today too, that i will be working 2 more hours than originally planned. so that's a great thing :) part-time hours are moving on up.  i worked with my boss's boss first hand today, but i didn't really do anything.  i got myself signed up with citrix and that's about it.  she initially had me help her with this project that is time-constrained, but she had one of the more experienced girls do it all, since i'm just too new.  but i guess that's all.

i guess that's all for work.  i've been just busy unpacking, when i'm not there... i feel like everything just happened so quickly! which it did, technically. but it was for the best reason. :)  so far, eric and i haven't wanted to kill each other yet... so we'll see how long this will last.  ;)  no, we're going to be fine. if we beat the odds of a long distance relationship lasting, then i'm sure we'll beat the odds of moving in with each other.

well, that's all for now... gotta go continue unpacking :)