Sunday, September 25, 2011


So, another game day to watch :) Mom won tickets to the Indian's last home game of the season, so that should be fun! AAAND the Browns are playing!  The Buckeyes won yesterday, so let's hope the Tribe and the Browns pull their W's.

Here's some more works to enjoy:

Above:  Graphite on drawing paper.  As you can tell, I do a lot of graphite drawings.  This is a still life I had set up in my apartment.  It was a single stroke piece and this too took me roughly 13 hours to complete.

Above:  Permanent ink on paper.  My good friend Allison interned for Columbus Zoo for their marketing team.  She was in charge of the Asia Quest Exhibition and she had asked me to create something for the brochure.

Above:  Graphite on paper.  Our assignment was to partner up with a classmate and use them as our model.

Above:  Charcoal & white conte on drawing paper.  Here's another subtraction piece I made for my room mate at the time.  Her favorite flower was the daisy and I was in the drawing mood.  So I took my drawing pad outside on our apartment complex porch, enjoyed the nice spring weather and drew.  It was one of the most soothing times I have had.  

Above:  Graphite, charcoal, & white conte on drawing paper.  Yet again, a subtraction piece.  I never realized how many of these I had! Anyways the teacher had slides of black and white photos and we were to draw them.  The paper subtraction piece I posted a few days ago, was part of that B&W series.  I really love this piece.  I don't really know why, but I do.

Above:  Ebony pencil on drawing paper.  I was a member of the unofficial OSU Ski & Snowboard club.  One of my closest friends was an officer of the club and had come to me to help design the t-shirt for that year.  It was pretty cool.  The t-shirts had my creation on them.


  1. I love the 5 piece of artwork you put up in this post as well ... there something about it ... I can't stop looking at it! And (you probably think I'm silly) I find it calming ... zen-like.

  2. thank you :) it's zen like to actually draw the pieces. it puts me in a zone.