Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What a day....

Talk about rude people almost everyday.... my job consists of dealing with difficult, rude, and sketchy customers. welcome to my life.  But here's some more artwork to cheer me and hopefully, you guys up...

These were, for the most part done in 2004 (either senior year of high school or just getting into my freshman year of college).

Above is acrylic on canvas.  Our AP assignment was to find a photo and use photoshop, abstract it, and then recreate it on a larger scale using acrylic paints.  This was one of my favorites.  Lots of free movement with the brush.

Above is graphite pencil on drawing paper.  This was one of my very first official AP Art assignments and also one of my favorites.  I took a still life and used it to help follow my concentration: Human and animal relationships.  Ironically, since I brought this piece down to college with me... my room mate's dog ended up peeing on it. (RIP Satchmo)

Above is Acrylic on canvas board.  I recreated a photo I had taken for a summer assignment.  Please note the silver medal on the bottom right.  Apparently other people loved it too.

The above drawing and the two below are a few of my favorites.  I have a real passion for drawing eyes.  Whether it be anime or real humans' eyes.  The one above is my most favorite of all to date.  Also, don't be fooled.  It's really like an inch or two big.  This kind of makes it look a lot larger than it really is.  

One of my favorite shows.  I'm a kid at heart :)

I did this my senior year of high school in AP art.  It was ink and press.  I was trying to show the contentment between girl and dog.  She feels a sense of security and happiness knowing she's got a companion as loyal as a dog.

Above is graphite, charcoal and white conte on drawing paper.  It's a subtractive piece, where we cover the whole piece of paper with charcoal and use our kneaded eraser as our drawing tool.  This one is one of my favorites.


  1. Love this post ... not just because of the artwork (which is soooo amazing) but what you wrote. Oh and I really like you putting Spongebob into the mix :) You definitely have a lot of talent!!

  2. which part of what i wrote did you like?! :)

  3. The whole thing! This was me reading your post ... yeah, tough day for me too but no rude people ... agreed artwork ... in my case crafts always make things better;) Proceeding down to the gallery visit (took me back to my college days when I made the rare visit the art museum ... good therapy). Reactions ... ah nice, wow, amazing ... hey it's Spongebob ... LOL ... cool ... then when through the post again, then again, then showed hubbie (who was quite impressed), then again ... in case it wasn't clear ... yeah, enjoyed this post!

  4. thank you and tell your hubbie... smile and thank you! :)