Friday, September 23, 2011


So, it's finally Friday.  And I'm getting closer to October 8th.  In almost 4 years of being together, Eric and I will be making our very first trip together, that isn't within Ohio.  To my favorite place.... SAN FRANCISCO!!! :) I'm so excited because he's never been and he can't wait!  I know he's going to love it.

Well here's a few more projects I've done these all my sophomore year of college.

So, as you can tell, I still tried to keep up with my anime drawings.  This was done on a scrap piece of cardboard and in permanent marker and graphite. 

Above is all done in graphite on drawing paper.  This was a major test of my ability to create something that required A LOT of my attention.  We took a still life, drew it, and then used crosshatch.  Crosshatching is where you use a series of lines to create the various shades and forms of objects.  This took a total of 13+ hours to complete.  In return for my hard efforts, this piece was mounted in the art building for the rest of that semester.  I felt so accomplished and proud of myself.  It was definitely rewarding.

Above is another subtraction piece.  Our concentration this time was  drawing crumpled paper.  This exercise helped us understand harsh vs. soft shadows.  This also served as an exercise to draw paper that is not in its flat form.  This was tough but once I got into my zone, I just kept drawing and I was quite okay with my result.

Hope you enjoyed today's entry.


  1. The 2nd drawing reminded me of something I saw at a wholesale and education show last year by a company called Zentangle. It's not as nice ... the technique uses repetitive patterns to fill an area ( ... maybe one day soon I'll give it a try.

  2. oh cool! yeah sort of. if you start out with something small, you won't feel as overwhelmed like I did. I started with that project and it was so overwhelming to do an 18x24 piece all that way. So when you start, I'd start small.