Saturday, October 29, 2011

what a day!!!

Well, it's technically 12:33 AM Sunday.  But... i'm still running on Saturday :)

it was mackenzie's 1st birthday party! i can't believe she's a year old already!!!! this year has flown by soooooooooooooooo fast!!!!!! anyway... the party was a great time! she didn't smash her cake like any normal one year old would... it was quite hilarious!!!

also... i'd like to also add:

MY BUCKEYES PULLED A REALLY GREAT WIN!!!!! beat #15 wisconsin with a clutch hail mary play! it was a little bit of a nail biter but it was great!!!!!! =D

anyway... i hadn't posted in a while.  i still feel like i've been moving at high speeds and haven't gotten time to myself... well not much time.

here's some art to view and enjoy :)


Above (left):  Oil on canvas.  Self-portrait in monochromatic.
Above (center):  Oil on canvas.  By far my most favorite painting.  The pair of legs on the left was my friend brittany's and the pair of legs on the right are mine.  we were sitting in class critiquing and i snapped a photo.  Then thought this could be a really great painting. :)
Above (right):  oil on canvas.  a painting of ben's car stereo.

Above (left):  oil on canvas.  self-portrait attempt at impressionism.  not really but it's some sort of impressionistic painting.
Above (center):  oil on canvas.  self-portrait ummm abstract? lol!
Above (right):  permanent marker, graphite, & acrylic on paper & matte.  our assignment was to layer.  so here ya go :)

Above:  oil on canvas.  Still life.

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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