Thursday, October 6, 2011

thank buddha today went by fast!

So, after all the crazy rush and hype of the past 2 months, everything has slowed down significantly at work.  well, for nowwwwwww............

i am such a packing slacker... we leave 6:40 AM saturday and i have yet to begin packing.  I need to do laundry badly! so i must get going on that!

Anyway, here's more pictures to entertain you: :)

Above:  Vine charcoal on newsprint.  This is a quick sketch exercise.  We have the models pose for a minute or two and that is how long we have to draw.  The purpose of this was to loosen our hands and free our minds.  

Above:  Vine charcoal on newsprint.  This was too the same exercise as above.  

Above:  vine charcoal on newsprint.  We got a little more than just a minute to draw.  I love this one.

Above:  vine charcoal on newsprint.  I, too, love this.

Above:  scrap wood sculpture.  So, this is my second sculpture class in the series.  we were to make body extensions.  and... well.... i'm in that thing. :)  This took quite a number of all-nighters to complete.

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