Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what?! 11 days until christmas?!

WOW! just a week and a half until christmas! wtf?! where does this time go!?

I've been a busy busy busy bee! let's see:

November 20th: eric & i celebrated our 4 years of being together :) he came to visit me up in cleveland and we visited the grandparents at the cemetery & then went to the infamous Melt Bar & Grill.

Just a few days after, I went to Cincinnati to visit him for Thanksgiving weekend.  We ate at his Aunt Karen's house (we do every year) & then had a nice time relaxing at home on Black Friday.  It was super nice to just be able to relax.  We then headed back north to Toledo for his mom's side of the family's Thanksgiving/Christmas/Reunion.  Then I was off that following Monday & Tuesday.

Next thing I know... BAM! I turned 26! boo..... another year older. so that must mean i'm getting wiser right? juuuuuuuust kidding.  i'm still a kid at heart. :)

work has been pretty hectic and crazy.  *ps- i gave up on the capital letters* this week is finals week.  which means lots of students selling their books back for cash.

and next thing i  know... next weekend is christmas! and then the next thing i'll know... new years! jeez!

well anyways. that was my mini update... now, when i say i was a busy bee, i really was.  a christmas-card-making bee! :) i made so many! and there's still more to be made!

Above (left):  my very first christmas card. it's so blah. but it was my first one so i guess you'll have that.
Above (right):  the second card i made.  a little better. but not quite there yet.

One of my good friends, April, is engaged! And she's getting married over christmas break.  Her sister had come in contact with me via Facebook and wanted me to send a card to congratulate the couple.  She had a project in mind where she'll have a lot of people, who April cares a lot about, have them send cards and give taht to her as a gift. or something.  Well, i told her, since i've been into card making, i'll make mine.  and here is what i got.

I guess, since i've been making a ton, i need to find a better way to photograph my works.  but where?

ta ta for now.  my eyes are getting oh so sleepy!

more to come when i'm not going crazy.

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