Sunday, November 13, 2011


so... i went and visited jenn, kim, and mackenzie last night (saturday).  well, upon arrival, jenn was smoking outside in their nook between the house and the garage.  so i stood out their for a while, till she was done. i had set my stuff down upon, what i thought to be a stand covered with a towel.  kim's mom came out and said hi but then immediately gasped.  she asked if i put my purse on top of "that" (pointing to the said stand) i said yes?! i looked down and it had sunkin in... it WASN'T a table covered with towel.... instead.... it was a TUB FULL OF HOMEMADE SAUERKRAUT!!!!!! well.... i wouldn't worry since my wallet isn't too absorbant and i just have my store keys and paper stuff inside.... but no... not only did i have that stuff in there... i had my phone in there as well... a place i rarely put my phone.  i normally put my phone in my pocket.... and of course the night i don't put my phone in my pocket, i put it in my purse.  soooo..... moral of the story... if you're going to put your purse on top of something... make sure to check if it's really a table, counter, or any other hard surface that won't make your purse smell like sauerkraut and ruin your phone.  and then this morning, my mother was trying to figure out what to make for dinner... as she was flipping through the recipe file, she states, "why don't i make golomki?"  for those of you who don't know... golomki's main ingredient is cabbage and sauerkraut.... she's so hilarious i tell ya.  anywho.... that is my crazy story.

NOW for some pictures.

Above (left):  graphite on paper.  i drew this off of a photo that was taken of my friend.  
Above (center):  permanent ink on paper.  i drew this for a gay friend of mine who was infatuated with lady gaga and this japanese characters called toki doki.  he wanted to somehow turn this piece into a tattoo.
Above (right):  permanent ink on paper.  because i started the one in the center, i created another.  except this isn't for anybody in particular. i drew this for myself.  :) 

above (left):  graphite on paper.  i drew this for an employee of mine.  her girlfriend is an aspiring musician.  she's been playing at local bars for quite some time and well, my employee decided to help her on her way.  so she wanted to surprise her g/f with hard copies of her cd.  she's a fan of whiskey and smokes a lot.  and here you have it... the drawing. 
above (right):  here's the actual cd draft.

above (left):  the birthday card i made for rachael, my coworker.  any time we hang out it always involves fun and food. and i saw this sticker and immediately thought of her.  
above (right):  the card's envelope i made her.

ps- emily... i have trouble with the formatting.  every time i want to add a picture, it goes down in a single file line.  i like how yours is set up where it's going across... but i'm having trouble, in that it sometimes doesn't want to move. (if this made any sense, let me know) :)

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  1. For some reason, I haven't been able to post a comment ... I can now ... yaay! Been MIA for a bit ... miss a few of your posts. Thanks for this one ... it made me laugh ... needed that :) I will keep that in mind when putting my purse down ;)

    With regards to the formatting, you'll need to ensure there's no spaces between the pic. I usually put my cursor next the pic and packspace. (Sometimes it looks fine but when you post there's a bunch of space.) Then I'd highlight and select the center alignment. When it doesn't seem to want to move, I select the pic(s)and click on the Remove Formatting button (T with a red X on the bottom). Hope that makes sense and helps.