Thursday, May 3, 2012

semester over.... soon

So, another close to another semester...  students have their last week of classes and then finals next week. and then commencement the following week.  i swear, time moves too fast. and i have news!

for those of you who i haven't talked to you, but i'm sure you've heard from mom, i'm moving out of cleveland and to cincinnati, with eric.  we have found an apartment for a decent price.  we both have decided, in our relationship, it was about time we move to the next step.  and no, we're not engaged.  you guys would know before reading this, if i was. :)  anywho... here's a link of the apartment complex.  not many pictures, but eric really liked it and knowing him, he wouldn't go for anything that he doesn't remotely like.  here's the link of the complex:

i'm really excited about our new adventure and really nervous about moving down without a job.  however, i know if i don't do it now, i might not ever do it ever.  i know i can find some sort of job and i am determined.  either way, i am really excited.

aside from all that, i haven't really done much artsy stuff.  i bought new stuff.  some india ink and lithography pens for sketching.  i used to use these for art class back in AP art, senior year.   and i thought it'd be a great addition to my card making collection.  so we'll see once we settle into the apartment.  when am i going to find time to pack?!

hope all is well... signing off <3

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  1. Congrats Tiffany!! I'm really excited and happy for you! The appartment complex looks great! :) Hey, guess what ... there's a stamping store near your place ;) ...